PT Inquest Episode 96: Patellofemoral Pain and the Envelope of Function

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On this episode the guys review a clinical commentary on patellofemoral pain (PFP) written by Rich Willy and some moron (Erik and his dumb face). How should we best conceptualize PFP? Is Scott Dye’s “envelope of function” accurate or even useful? Does this understanding change the way we treat this enigmatic diagnosis for the better? We break out the shorts and t-shirts as the temperature in Minnesota gets above 0°F!

Current concepts in biomechanical interventions for patellofemoral pain.
Willy RW, Meira EP.
Int J Sports Phys Ther. 2016 Dec;11(6):877-890.

Open Access at the time of release

Due to copyright laws, unless the article is open source we cannot legally post the PDF on the website for the world to download at will. That said, if you are having difficulty obtaining an article, contact us.

Music for PT Inquest:
“The Science of Selling Yourself Short” by Less Than Jake
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Photo credit: “busted envelope” by Karl Baron via Flickr.

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