Frequently Asked Questions

Questions are listed in no particular order but these are the most common questions we get

How do I listen to the shows on my phone, in my car, etc?

See this post.

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Does it cost anything to subscribe to a show? Do you need my email address or anything?

No to both questions. Again, see this post. If you would LIKE to give us money, you can.

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Why aren’t you on my favorite podcast listening service?

We probably are. Open your app and enter the name of the desired podcast in the search field. It should come up. Usually you can subscribe for free right there.

I still can’t find you…

You are either using a really crappy service or are having issues with spelling. Some good services are suggested on this post but there are many others out there. Most are free. I don’t know what else to tell you.

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Why don’t you post the actual PDF of the article you reviewed on one of the shows?

Due to copyright laws, unless the article is open source we cannot legally post the PDF on the website or online drive for the world to download at will.

That’s stupid.

Yes. Yes it is.

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Will you send me a particular article you reviewed on one of the shows?

Probably. Send us a message via the contact form with the name of the show and the episode number and we’ll see what we can do. There are also other ways to get those articles yourself…

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Will you review this article I like on one of the shows?

Maybe! Make a suggestion by sending us the url of the abstract on PubMed via our contact form. Keep in mind that we won’t likely respond and please don’t take it personally if we decide not to review it on the show. There are many possible reasons why:

  • It has already been reviewed on the show (seriously, this happens a lot)
  • It is outdated
  • We have beaten that dead horse already enough
  • There isn’t very much to talk about
  • It’s a stupid article (but that doesn’t always stop us)

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Will you present at my thing / come on my podcast / provide a quote for my publication?

Possibly. Each “voice” on the PT Podcast Network has their own availability and personal/professional limitations. You can send them a message via our contact form and they will get back to you. You may also want to check out their individual bio page for more info as many have their own websites for those kinds of things.

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Can I be a guest on one of the podcasts?


But I’m really interesting and have a lot I want to talk about…

Nope. Not gonna happen.

Why not?

It simply doesn’t work that way. Our shows are not “desperate for content” as many other shows might be. There is a process to come on our shows and it starts from our end via an invitation. We are more receptive to someone else suggesting a guest – “You should talk to this person!” – as opposed to suggesting yourself – “You should talk to me!”

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You folks are great!

Thank you. You’re too kind. Please feel free to stroke our egos.

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You folks suck!

Right back at ya! We don’t listen to your podcast either…

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Why are the comments off?

See this post.

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How can I support the shows?

Use this link then buy stuff from Amazon or head over to our donate page.

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