PT Inquest Episode 60: Hip Strength and Dynamic Lower Extremity Control

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The idea of hip strength having an effect on lower extremity dynamics is not new. Is there actually a correlation between the two? What is the difference between kinematics and kinetics? Is the gluteus medius as important as we used to think? Can JW break down the number 60 into its component prime numbers???

Hip external rotator strength is associated with better dynamic control of the lower extremity during landing tasks.
Malloy P, Morgan A, Meinerz C, Geiser CF, Kipp K.
J Strength Cond Res. 2015 Jun 18. [Epub ahead of print]

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Music for Episode 60:
“The Science of Selling Yourself Short” by Less Than Jake
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Photo credit: “Did you eat my brother?” by Tim Green via Flickr. Modified by Erik Meira.

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