PT Inquest Episode 45: Kinesiophobia After ACLR

Photo Credit: Sindre Sorhus

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In Episode 45 we look at kinesiophobia as a predictor of failure to return to sport after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACLR). What is kinesiophobia? How does it interact with all of the other issues present after ACLR? What is JW’s obsession with 50 Shades of Grey???

Comparison of Physical Impairment, Functional, and Psychosocial Measures Based on Fear of Reinjury/Lack of Confidence and Return-to-Sport Status After ACL Reconstruction.
Lentz TA, Zeppieri G Jr, George SZ, Tillman SM, Moser MW, Farmer KW, Chmielewski TL.
American Journal of Sports Medicine. 2015 Feb;43(2):345-53.

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Music for Episode 45:
“The Science of Selling Yourself Short” by Less Than Jake
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