PT Podcast #4: Janet Bezner

After my back and forth on the Science Based Medicine blog, I realized that there is a lot that physical therapists do not know about the continuing education process. Specifically, how do bad courses still somehow count for some kind of credit? How can we do a better job regulating the process?

Well, I’m not the best person to answer all of this, so I contacted the APTA to see if they had anyone willing to answer these questions. What I ended up with is an on air interview with Janet Bezner, the Deputy Executive Director of the APTA. She is also the lead for the APTA’s side of Continuing Competence and the Vice President overseeing the two heading of Education & Governance and Administration. I don’t know that anyone knows more about this stuff than Janet.

For more information go to the Continuing Competence webpage. The APTA’s Learning Center is also a good resource. There is also a search page for APTA policy. May I suggest entering “professional development” or “evidence-based practice”?

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