Science-Based Medicine Blog Comment Thread

If you are here because you read the recent comment thread on the aptly named Science-Based Medicine blog, well, hello. I’m Erik. It’s nice to meet you.

For more information on the science talk that I’m giving for the Oregon Physical Therapy Association’s annual conference titled, “Understanding Science, Pseudoscience, and Protoscience: Applications to Physical Therapy Practice” go to the OPTA conference website. I can give a similar talk (from 1 hour to 1.5 days or any length in between) on the same subject for anyone interested. The honorarium that I require is small (for groups or facilities) to non-existent (no charge for association-related conferences).

If you would like more information regarding the “science supporting project” that I am currently developing, follow me or the podcast via your social network of choice which you can find on the Links page. That will be the first place that I release any info on the project. We are currently working on the logistics and legal considerations but I can say that it will likely include a journal club, blog, and podcast. If all goes well, it should launch in March.

If you would like to meet with me, come up and chat right after my talk at CSM on Saturday the 11th (sponsored by the Private Practice Section) or drop by the SPTS booth in the exhibit hall and leave me a message (I check in there throughout the day). As always you can also send me an email for any reason at any time (click “Contact” above). It is never a bother to answer thoughtful questions.

Again, welcome to The PT Podcast!

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