And so it begins…

ca. 2000 ---  Sign --- Image by © Royalty-Free/CorbisI’ve been working on this concept for quite a while. I enjoy listening to podcasts, specifically the interview-style format. One day I was thinking, “Some idiot should start collecting interviews of well established and influential physical therapists, getting their story of how they got to where they are and their perspective on the profession. I would totally listen to that!”

Then I thought, “Hey! I’m some idiot!”

I started writing a list of all the PTs that I know personally and could easily get to sit down for an interview. Pretty quickly I had 30 names right off the top of my head. I had one personal requirement – No phone interviews. I hate how those sound. Nothing is more distracting than some scratchy recording and there is something to be said for talking to someone face-to-face in person.

I figured that I could just plug in a computer microphone and record the conversation. Nope. I now have a mixer, a couple high quality microphones, studio headphones, a mess of cables, audio editing software, etc. Creating each episode requires hours of work to level and clean up the audio, edit out some of my own ramblings, select then lay down some royalty-free music, then make it presentable to iTunes and the rest of the internet. All to give away for free!

I just launched the website to host the episodes and still have a ton of work to do. The first episode will go up in the middle of December.


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